Living By Government Wellness Recommendations For A Week

Wellness! ??‍♀️

It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot, isn’t it?

Working on your mental health is about understanding and deepening yourself but when people ask about what we do to help people’s ‘wellness’, we feel a bit out of our depth ?

Truth is, it’s difficult to really define what ‘wellness’ is.

So, we thought we’d run an experiment with Sanctus HQ, take some governmental advice on ‘achieving wellness’ and test out both how achievable our weekly lifestyles and how we feel at the end of it ?

This is the challenge ‘Living By Government Wellness Recommendations For A Week’

Government wellness recommendations include;

Five a day
7-9 hours sleep
Two strength exercises a week
150 minutes cardio a week
14 units or less of alcohol

And more…

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