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Embrace the Resilient Mind

The world of work is in constant flux. Your organisation wants to solve real business issues and stay ahead in our ever-changing workplace. Sanctus Coaching helps companies prosper by empowering its people to thrive in times of change.



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Helping individuals grow so your organisation can thrive.

See the best of your people

We guide people to understand their passions and core values, and align them with their professional goals. A rich sense of purpose at work leads to increased productivity and greater job satisfaction.

Keep employees engaged

A lack of meaningful support at work is the number one reason people change jobs. Sanctus Coaching provides a platform for growth that keeps employees engaged and continually developing.

Tailored support

One-size-fits-all, cookie cutter employee solutions often don’t deliver the level of support an employee needs. By offering a range of bespoke solutions for many specific situations, we can deliver truly impactful support. 

Keep teams switched on

Disengagement leads to unrest, delays, and costs. Sanctus Coaching nurtures a culture based on community, belonging, and trust, by making space for people to have honest conversations about whatever’s on their mind.

Targeted support for specific work and life situations

Work and life will always throw your employees challenging curveballs, times they’ll need support or opportunities to grow. That’s why we offer tailored solutions for specific work and life situations so your people can get the support they truly need.

Redundancy & restructuring support

Offer a short programme of coaching to support employees who are being made redundant

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Coping with burnout and stress

Help employees to work through their burnout and stress, identify causes and put into place healthier habits

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Workplace resilience

Empower your employees to sustain their high-performance & excel at your organisation

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Returning parents in business

Support returning parents to balance their new personal responsibilities with their work-life  

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Supporting high performers

Invest in attracting, retaining and accelerating the development of your high flyers  

Women in business

Combat the biases impacting the development & progression of your talented women 

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Creating a coaching culture

Develop the emotional intelligence of your team to help build a culture of positive feedback, growth and support 

Early career development

Give your future leaders the support and confidence they need to realise their true potential

Bespoke coaching solutions for larger organisational challenges

Our holistic, tailored and bespoke coaching model means we don’t focus on any one singular area of development. We are equipped to cater to a broad range of human needs, wants and challenges, as well as responding to larger organisational challenges. 

Our coaching philosophy

Our coaching model is designed to help people achieve real growth in every area of their life. We believe you are more than your emotions, more than your career, more than your job title. When we coach, we tend to each aspect of what makes your people who they truly are.

Work performance

Engaged employees are generally happier and more productive. When people feel like their work makes a difference, they’re more likely to put in extra effort and take greater ownership of their work. Sanctus Coaches encourage people to reflect on their achievements and modify their approach and daily habits, so that they can continue performing to their highest standards.


Employees who have good relationships with their colleagues and supervisors are more likely to be engaged and committed to their work. We encourage people to examine their relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Understanding the dynamics of these relationships means we can identify opportunities for growth and work on healthier communication styles.

Mental health

Good mental health and wellbeing is the backbone of healthy organisations. Sanctus Coaches encourage people to identify, make sense of, and work through uncomfortable or challenging thought patterns and emotions. Through practicing mindfulness, reframing, and cultivating emotional intelligence, we provide support for people through the good times (and the not so good times).

Physical health

Active employees report reduced stress and increased job satisfaction. But physical health is about more than just fitness. It’s the way we feel in our skin, our presence in the room, the strength of our gut wisdom. Through coaching, employees are better able to build overall healthier day to day habits, access and learn from their inner wisdom, and show up at work with more confidence and impact.

Coaching Solutions


1-2-1 Drop-in Coaching

Confidential, compassionate coaching at the click of the button. Flexible drop in sessions all employees can access, for whatever they need support with.

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Coaching Tracks

A sequence of focused coaching sessions on a specific topic, eg: progressive leadership, women in business, returning parents.

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Group Workshops

Interactive group experiences facilitated by a Sanctus Coach, for employees to connect, reflect, and learn from one another.

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Sanctus Boost

Assign licenses to support employees with three intensive coaching sessions on a specific topic or theme, as and when they need it.

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Understanding the benefits of coaching for employees

A run down of the top 10 benefits of coaching, alongside a reliable way to measure the impact of coaching at both an individual and organisational level.

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How to improve employee engagement through coaching

Engaged employees typically perform better and are less likely to leave a business. But managing engagement can be a nightmare, particularly at scale. This is where coaching comes in.

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A holistic approach to personal and professional development for employees

We see the people we coach as full, complex human beings and consider the impact every area of their life has on them. For more, here's an exclusive look at the Sanctus Coaching methodology.

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