1-2-1 Drop-in Coaching

Flexible, always-on coaching for employees to work through daily worries, develop healthier approaches, and gain new tools and perspectives for work and life.

  • A safe, explorative space to cope with change or challenge
  • Encourages self discovery and introduces fresh perspectives
  • Practical support to help employees thrive at work and in life

How it works

Access high quality coaching at the push of a button. All your people need to do is take a step back. Pause. Breathe. And open up about whatever they want to work on.

Pick a package that suits your people

Whatever your business needs, there’s coaching for that. Well-supported employees outperform their peers in almost every category.

Invite employees to book slots

Give your employees the freedom to choose what they work on and how often they attend Sanctus Coaching with your own custom booking platform.

Highly accredited professional support

Sanctus Coaches are robustly trained, supervised, and accredited, and bring literally hundreds of hours of 1-2-1 coaching experience into every session.

Work towards any challenge or goal

Employees receive professional guidance on anything from improving performance to dealing with stress and cultivating healthier habits.

Ultimate flexibility

Our 1-2-1 Drop-in Coaching has been designed to fit around your employees lifestyle and work day. Open to all employees and easy to book via our self service platform.

Choose your coach

Using our platform, you can view our available coaches to choose someone who really resonates with your needs.

Book your slot

Use our app to book in your sessions at times that suit you, helping you to fit coaching in with your lifestyle.

Remote, 1-2-1 sessions

Our sessions are all online via Zoom and are always 1-2-1 with a professional coach, allowing you flexibility to chat anytime, anywhere.

What do employees use Sanctus Coaching for?

Achieving professional goals

A typically high performer working on sustainable ways to maintain their output. A first time manager who can’t work out how to win the respect of their peers. Whatever the objective or obstacle, Sanctus Coaches provide professional guidance for employees to enhance their own development and excel in every area of their career.

Reaching personal milestones

A newly single parent attempting to balance home life with a successful career. An experienced manager who struggles with speaking in front of large groups. A coach can be a compassionate ear to help us process whatever challenge life throws at us, or the support we need to see us reach our full potential both at work and in life.

How Sanctus helps your business

Engage and retain key employees
Unburden HR with expert support
Elevate your employer brand
A benefit people actually use

How people feel about Sanctus

"Sanctus has been the most successful partnership Octopus Group has made in 20 years."

Simon Rogerson

Simon Rogerson

CEO & Co-Founder, Octopus Group

"The impact of Sanctus on the wider organisation has been very successful. Our sick days have reduced and it is part of a culture change, as the employee survey has shown that people now view our mental health approach very positively."

Verena Wais

Learning and Development Manager, Mindshare

"Sanctus has had a positive impact on our culture and employee performance and is invaluable support for our employees. It's enabled people to have conversations they never previously thought they would have at work."

Ross Taylor

Founder, Hidden

"More people thank me for Sanctus than for the annual bonus!"

Debby Penton

Managing Director, Wildfire

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A sequence of focused coaching sessions on a specific topic, eg: progressive leadership, women in business, returning parents.

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Sanctus Boost

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Get in touch and improve your employee wellbeing today

  • A “human-first” approach. Sanctus Coaching allows employees to access effective, meaningful support at work, as and when they need it.

  • An expert partnership. Sanctus Coaches are trained to make sure your people are are both well looked after and functioning to the best of their ability.

  • Improved teamwork and outcomes. Coaching is proven to positively impact retention, engagement, communication, performance, and development.

  • Stand out in talent communities. Become known as an employer of choice with benefits that really matter to people.

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