A Better Way to Redundancy and Restructuring

Redundancy and restructuring can be an essential for organisational health. But it isn’t easy. We help companies prosper by empowering their people to thrive in times of change. We’re here to help you, your business and all those impacted so your organisation can stay on track. 

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Supporting everyone through a challenging period 

Redundancy is tough for everyone involved – those being made redundant, those left behind with “survivor’s guilt”, and yourselves having to make the hard decisions. We’re here to make that process a little easier for everyone.

Support employees whose roles have been made redundant

Manage the aftereffects for those left behind

Help everyone to process change & transition

Ensure the most amicable outcome for all

For those being made redundant 

We offer a 3-session coaching programme specifically designed for employees being made redundant. During this programme, an outgoing employee can expect to:

  • Start to work through the emotion of their redundancy 
  • Work on coping with change, transition and loss 
  • Put a plan in place for what comes next

For those employees remaining 

This is a grieving process, and all remaining employees will respond differently. Our flexible, 1-2-1 drop-in coaching will allow those employees that remain to choose from any number of our expert coaches, when they feel ready, to discuss what has happened. 

  • Support employees struggling with survivor’s guilt
  • Help employees avoid, or manage, burnout from a change in workload
  • Ensure the business comes to terms with change and transition

For the whole business

Our bespoke, coach-guided workshops allow us to respond to specific situations and events a business faces. Working with you, we can design our Connect & Reflect workshop on redundancy to help your business:

  • Work through any thoughts, concerns and worries 
  • Come to terms together with loss and change 
  • Put a plan in place to move forward together

Why choose Sanctus for redundancy & restructuring support?

At such a sensitive time, we know the support you provide needs to be the right one. Where a lot of other services focus only on managing business image, we ensure that the humans impacted aren’t forgotten.


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  • Get the best of both worlds. Sanctus Coaching blends personal and professional development with proactive mental wellbeing support.

  • Free up time of Managers & HR. Give employees professional & confidential support.

  • Invest in personal growth. Coaching positively impacts more practical aspects, such as performance & competencies.

  • Stand out with your support. Boost your employer brand, engagement and retention.

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