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Leadership Development

Lead with heart and create a thriving workplace culture with impactful coaching and support for people managers.

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Meaningful support from the top down

Leaders today face unique challenges, with progressive workplaces demanding that the human experience be valued as much as profit. We believe if you put your people first, profit follows. Sanctus partners with leaders to develop the grit, compassion, care and authenticity they need for your people to flourish.

Bring teams closer together

Optimise internal communication

Hang onto key players longer

Smash individual and team goals

Go beyond traditional leadership training

Sanctus Coaches work with managers at all levels to benchmark their unique strengths, identify areas for development, and implement frameworks to become the best leader they can be.

Build resilience to navigate unpredictable periods of change and lead teams with confidence and clarity

Develop compassionate leadership skills that create well connected, mutually supportive teams

Nurture a culture where wellbeing is seen as the bedrock of a sustainable, thriving workplace

Keep teams fired up and on message with a sense of purpose that unites people and enriches the working experience for everyone

Empower people managers to tap into their unique strengths and lead from a place of authenticity and generosity

People demand more from their leaders

Conventional manager training doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Leaders today are expected to play an active role in making work a safer, happier place for everyone. When employees feel valued and inspired by their leaders, they achieve things they never thought possible:


Higher engagement


Less stress


Higher productivity

New managers

For people taking their first steps into leadership, it’s all new. We help managers establish authority, communicate clearly, and remain adaptable. So that when challenges do inevitably arise, they’re best equipped to deal with them. New managers use Sanctus to:

  • Prioritise competing responsibilities
  • Cope with pressure to perform
  • Set clear boundaries and expectations

Experienced managers

Experienced managers are under pressure to advance their ‘soft skills’, at the same time as looking after their own wellbeing. We coach managers towards establishing a deeper understanding of employee wants and needs, in order to nurture stronger relationships with direct reports and superiors alike.

Experienced managers use Sanctus to:

  • Proactively tackle stress and prevent burnout
  • Create a culture people don’t want to leave
  • Develop, grow, and learn from periods of uncertainty

Senior leadership

Sanctus coaches senior leaders to prioritise their own wellbeing, and develop the skills needed to approach high-stakes decisions with both kindness and pragmatism. When senior leaders navigate the pressure and complexity of their own role with compassion, self-awareness, and clarity, they model to employees what it means to truly place the human element at the heart of the organisation. Senior leaders work with their Sanctus Coach to:

  • Prioritise work life balance
  • Effectively manage performance at scale
  • Make difficult decisions with confidence and care

What makes a good leader?

Dr. Albert Viljoen distills leadership into three core elements and considers the unique styles and qualities that constitute “good” leadership.

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The five pillars of leadership development

From a combination of firsthand experience and the latest research, we’ve developed a five pillar approach to developing leaders of the future.

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Giving better feedback

Feedback is vitally important and extremely useful. But only 26% of the feedback people receive is effective. So what are we doing wrong?

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Get in touch and improve your employee wellbeing today

  • Get the best of both worlds. Sanctus Coaching blends personal and professional development with proactive mental wellbeing support.

  • Free up time of Managers & HR. Give employees professional & confidential support.

  • Invest in personal growth. Coaching positively impacts more practical aspects, such as performance & competencies.

  • Stand out with your support. Boost your employer brand, engagement and retention.

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