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Mental health and wellbeing

Build resilience, engagement, and performance at the same time as reducing absences with high quality, wellbeing focused coaching.

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The bedrock of psychologically safe workplaces

Our mental health and wellbeing influences our capacity to function throughout the day, the decisions we take, our ability to adapt and respond to challenges and ultimately to flourish in life. It is vital we are protective of it. Coaching centred on wellbeing enhances employee engagement, innovation, retention, performance, and profitability.

Cultivate a safe environment

Improve work life balance

Instill a sense of pride in work

Increase motivation to perform

The foundation of everything we do

Happy, healthy employees are not only better at managing stress and burnout, but maintaining and even increasing productivity and performance as well. We provide direct wellbeing support for employees through coaching, alleviating the burden on HR and people teams.

We coach people to set more effective boundaries, at the same time advocating adaptability for the good of the team

Sanctus Coaches helps employees deal with uncertainty through self discovery, proactive self care, and effective contingency planning

We support people to reflect on complex challenges, gaining perspective and clarity and enabling better decision making

Working with a Sanctus Coach helps people pick their battles and choose where they allocate focus for more effective use of their energy and skills

Through coaching, we discover how to anchor ourselves in what truly matters, so that when change does inevitably occur we have the foundations in place to cope and succeed

The impact

Coaching focused on wellbeing supports employee safety, morale, and overall retention. Research tells us that with the right support, employees outperform their peers in every job category including leadership, customer service, and sales.


Of all working days lost are due to work related ill health


Said working with Sanctus improved their mental health


Lower turnover in companies with a positive wellbeing culture

Combat depletion

Building the skills and awareness to spot signs of struggle in both the self and others is allows us to develop the ability to better respond to, prevent, and recover from burnout, overwhelm, stress, and low mood.

  • Avoid burnout
  • Cope with workload
  • Manage energy sustainably

Increase resilience

We encourage people to identify, challenge, and work through unhelpful thought patterns and emotions. Through coaching, we are able to develop greater resilience, and face day to day curveballs with composure, clarity, and grit.

  • Enhance performance under pressure
  • Increase problem solving capacity
  • Develop coping skills to reduce stress

Cultivate emotional intelligence

Sanctus coaching creates a structured space where your people can practice and develop their emotional intelligence. Employees with a high EQ can build stronger relationships, decrease stress within their teams, and resolve conflicts more effectively.

  • Reduce conflicts and friction
  • Enhance job satisfaction
  • Develop mutually supportive team dynamics

Purpose: finding the why in work

Against a backdrop of deep uncertainty, employees want to know the business they work for cares about them, the world, and their impact on both.

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Seeking support at work

The benefits of supporting employees include increased output, better retention, and a working culture people actually want to be a part of.

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The benefits of supporting employees include increased output, better retention, and a working culture people actually want to be a part of.

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Get in touch and improve your employee wellbeing today

  • Get the best of both worlds. Sanctus Coaching blends personal and professional development with proactive mental wellbeing support.

  • Free up time of Managers & HR. Give employees professional & confidential support.

  • Invest in personal growth. Coaching positively impacts more practical aspects, such as performance & competencies.

  • Stand out with your support. Boost your employer brand, engagement and retention.

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