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Career and performance

Empowering employees to exceed expectations, look after themselves effectively, and build a sustainable, successful career in your organisation.

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Improving outcomes with high quality coaching

Sanctus supports employees to tap into their motivations and reach new levels of energy, productivity, and job satisfaction. Coaching is designed to empower people to work more effectively, delivering to a higher standard at the same time as avoiding developmental plateaus and burnout.

Unlock untapped potential

Overcome challenges together

Safeguard energy and focus

Boost productivity and performance

Cheering your people on every step of the way

Sanctus Coaching plays a part in creating a working environment where people feel supported and valued, so that they can be at their best without compromising their health.

Coaching to manage energy and focus intelligently to prevent depletion

Encourage a growth mindset and start every day with a sense of purpose

Cultivate a mutually supportive culture based on emotional connection

Professional guidance on how to maintain motivation and avoid burnout

Develop a deeper understanding of what people need to reach their potential

Moving the needle

Coaching is tailored to the individual’s needs and unique development areas, with a focus on embedding lasting behavioural change. Research finds companies that invest in career and performance coaching typically see:


Improved self confidence


Increased work performance


Better internal relationships

Produce quality work

Employees work with their Sanctus Coach on proven ways to enhance productivity and performance. Remaining adaptable, managing multiple workstreams, and identifying, processing, and overcoming challenges. This leads to better outcomes with less intervention from management.

  • Combat overwhelm
  • Triage priorities accurately
  • Set effective boundaries

Promote accountability

Employees who are in touch with their strengths, aware of their weakness, and engaged on their development journey are more likely to produce quality work. We help people work out and align their personal passions with the goals of the company. This enables employees to show up at work authentically, operate more effectively in team environments, and take more accountability over their own development.

  • Enhance commitment
  • Increase performance
  • Maximise learning opportunities

Improve confidence

Employees who communicate, negotiate, and incorporate feedback with confidence see greater returns from their work. Tasks completed efficiently and to a high standard, deals closed faster and at higher values, the ability to reach personal and business goals faster and with greater accuracy. At the same time, protecting energy, focus, and health.

  • Increase problem solving
  • Reduce stress at work
  • Identify future leaders


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Get in touch and improve your employee wellbeing today

  • Get the best of both worlds. Sanctus Coaching blends personal and professional development with proactive mental wellbeing support.

  • Free up time of Managers & HR. Give employees professional & confidential support.

  • Invest in personal growth. Coaching positively impacts more practical aspects, such as performance & competencies.

  • Stand out with your support. Boost your employer brand, engagement and retention.

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