A Better Way for Parents and your Business

When parents struggle to balance family needs and careers, they can’t meet their potential. And organisations lose talent and experience disruption. We can help everyone, from people thinking about starting a family to C-suite leaders driving dynamic growth and raising families. So your business can prosper.

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Being in the corner of your workplace parents

Being a parent can be like having to juggle a second full-time job. Whether an employee is a new parent or they’ve been a parent for longer, it doesn’t necessarily get any easier! We’re here to help.

Support new parents returning to the business

Help employees manage ongoing parental duties

Create a culture that is supportive of all

Balance people and performance

For returning parents

Life for a new parent can be tough, particularly when they return back to the workplace. Through structured and guided short coaching programmes (3 sessions) or longer programmes (6, 12 or 18 sessions), we help new & returning parents to:

  • Develop important skills like handling stress and managing emotion 
  • Balance their new home responsibilities with work 
  • Process any ongoing challenges or emotions

For your leaders 

Studies have shown that without the right workplace support, the birth of a child can have a detrimental impact on job satisfaction for as long as five years. Our structured leadership coaching programme (6, 12 or 18 sessions) can help your leaders and managers to:

  • Understand how to lead with care and empathy for the parents in their teams 
  • Cultivate a culture of support, care and boundaries 
  • Learn how to balance performance, people and profit

For parents on an ongoing basis

The parents in your business will no doubt have issues, challenges and positive situations that arise with their children for many years to come. Our flexible, 1-2-1 drop-in coaching will allow those employees that remain to choose from any number of our expert coaches whenever they like to ensure they continue balancing their home and work lives properly:

  • Gives employees a space to work through challenges or life events 
  • Gives managers a support tool for their teams 
  • Ensures an employee feels supported as a parent in the business

For the whole business 

All of your employees are at different stages of their life’s journey, and these differences can sometimes cause misalignment, tension or conflict within your culture. We offer bespoke coach-guided workshops so that, working with you, we can deliver a session to the whole business to respond to specific situations:

  • Help employees see differences with those at different life stages 
  • Start to create a mutual understanding and boundary setting 
  • Cultivate a culture that welcomes diversity and difference 

Why choose Sanctus to support the parents in your business? 

Giving the parents in your business the proper support will not only ensure they can more effectively juggle their home lives with their work lives, but it will positively boost their job satisfaction, engagement and performance too.


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