17 Jun 2022
Take a look at what Sanctus Coaching looks like
17 Jun 2022
As part of a recent project with Spirit Energy, our Head of coaching Benjamin Graham sat down with the lovely Carl (2nd party contractor) to talk openly about mental health and Carls story. Our HQ team was blown away by the vulnerability, openness, and rawness of this discussion. So much so that we were desperate to share it online.
17 Jun 2022
A little while back, our Co-Founders of Sanctus, got the opportunity to speak at the 2019 Do Lectures. This wasn't just any business talk, this was two founders laying it to each-other on the stage, being vulnerable, and telling one another how hard it was to work with them in their old business.
17 May 2022
Meet our Coaches
17 Dec 2019
You may have heard of Sanctus, but we hear the noise that some people don't actually know what we do... So, What Does Sanctus Actually Do? / We're a mental health start up, watch this video to understand what we do. More on Sanctus Sanctus Website Sanctus Store Facebook Twitter
5 Dec 2019
Meet James The Dragon ? Recently, James auditioned for the role of a lifetime and was super close to getting the role ? Sadly, he didn't make the cut ✂️ We all have mental health. Even dragons. "The Dragon Who Didn't Make The John Lewis Ad" #TheDragonWhoDidntMakeTheCut #JohnLewisAdvert More on Sanctus Sanctus Website Sanctus Store Facebook Twitter
1 Dec 2019
Wellness! ??‍♀️ It's a word that gets thrown around a lot, isn't it? Working on your mental health is about understanding and deepening yourself but when people ask about what we do to help people's 'wellness', we feel a bit out of our depth ? Truth is, it's difficult to really define what 'wellness' is. So, we thought we'd run an experiment with Sanctus HQ, take some governmental advice on 'achieving wellness' and test out both how achievable our weekly lifestyles and how we feel at the end of it ? This is the challenge 'Living By Government Wellness Recommendations For A Week' Government wellness recommendations include; Five a day 7-9 hours sleep Two strength exercises a week 150 minutes cardio a week 14 units or less of alcohol And more... More on Sanctus Sanctus Website Sanctus Store Facebook Twitter
6 Nov 2019
So ... what actually is Sanctus? ? That's a good question. To be honest, it's pretty common that if you are aware or in some way attached to Sanctus, you may not really be sure what we do ? You may be in a workplace where Sanctus Coaching is available, you may have come to an event or you may simply be following our mission ? Truth is, there's a fair few elements so we thought we'd create a video that explains not only what we do but how Sanctus even came to be ? So, grab the popcorn and enjoy 'What is Sanctus?' ? More on Sanctus Sanctus Website Sanctus Store Facebook Twitter