Group Workshops

Interactive group workshops facilitated by a Sanctus Coach, designed to help employees share and process their experiences and move forward together.

  • Foster a deep sense of connection as a team
  • Encourage reflection and support active learning
  • Authentic, unfiltered employee insights in real time

How it works

Through specific prompts and expert guidance, employees are empowered to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the group in an anonymous format. Enabling teams to connect, reflect, and learn together, and come away with insights they can apply immediately.

Picking the right workshop

Group workshops may be themed around specific events and topics, or in response to unique internal challenges.

Placing your people in safe hands

With space for up to 60 employees, workshops are facilitated by an accredited Sanctus Coach (ICF, AC, EMCC, or BACP registered).

Sharing experiences anonymously

Workshops are a safe, non-judgemental space in which employees are encouraged to express themselves authentically.

Moving forward together

Group connection, reflection, and expression helps release feelings of resistance, tension, and stress that build up within teams.

Boost employee wellbeing

Group connection and reflection is shown to improve wellbeing, employee engagement, and productivity.

Cultivate meaningful connection

Group workshops cultivate a profound sense of empathy within a group – particularly powerful for remote teams.

Understand your people

Get a unique live view of how your employees are really feeling. Identify common themes and areas to focus on.

Topics we cover

Connect & Reflect Workshops

We all have triggers, blindspots and areas of our lives we need to work on. But very little opportunity to properly unpack it all. Facilitated by an accredited Sanctus Coach, Connect & Reflect workshops provide a rare and welcome chance to reflect as a group, enhancing the self-awareness of employees and giving them dedicated time and space to learn more about themselves (and each other) as part of an enriching, meaningful shared experience.

  • Enhance awareness
  • Cultivate connection

Connect, Reflect & Learn

So much information is lost because employees simply aren’t given adequate time to digest it, or the tools to properly implement it. In a Connect, Reflect & Learn workshop, Sanctus Coaches share their expertise on a specific topic – stress management, anxiety, leadership, resilience – and support employees through a collective learning experience, leaving everyone with insights and takeaways they can apply immediately.

  • Active learning
  • Practical takeaways

Bespoke Connect, Reflect & Learn

Uncertainty and anxiety. The cost of living crisis. The imminent restructuring of your business. If you have a topic, theme, or challenge you’d like to explore in a safe environment with your team, our coaches can create a tailored workshop to meet your needs. Bespoke Connect, Reflect & Learn workshops include the option for a full debrief session with your Sanctus Coach, to equip your team with the knowledge and insights to better support your people.

  • Custom theme
  • Advanced insights

Hear from our clients

"Sanctus has been the most successful partnership Octopus Group has made in 20 years."

Simon Rogerson

Simon Rogerson

CEO & Co-Founder, Octopus Group

"The impact of Sanctus on the wider organisation has been very successful. Our sick days have reduced and it is part of a culture change, as the employee survey has shown that people now view our mental health approach very positively."

Verena Wais

Learning and Development Manager, Mindshare

"Sanctus has had a positive impact on our culture and employee performance and is invaluable support for our employees. It's enabled people to have conversations they never previously thought they would have at work."

Ross Taylor

Founder, Hidden

"More people thank me for Sanctus than for the annual bonus!"

Debby Penton

Managing Director, Wildfire

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  • A “human-first” approach. Coaching provides employees access to whatever support they need, as and when they need it.

  • An expert partnership. Sanctus Coaches are trained to make sure your people are both well looked after and functioning brilliantly.

  • Improved teamwork and outcomes. Coaching is proven to positively impact retention, engagement, communication, performance, and development.

  • Stand out in talent communities. Become known as an employer of choice with benefits that really matter to people.

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