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The Great Big Employee Engagement Pie

Featuring anonymous insights from Sanctus Coaching sessions, this guide is for employers who seek an inside understanding of what’s really going on in their employee’s minds.


The 12 trends that will shape HR in 2023

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for those in HR & People roles over the last few years. We take a look at the top 12 trends that will likely dominate this year, and beyond, as well as what you can do about them.


Big Read Volume 2: The Great Workplace Shakeup

Dr. Albert Viljoen distills leadership into three core elements and considers the unique styles and qualities that constitute “good” leadership.


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7 Apr 2016
Sanctus Updates
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As of 29th April 2016 I’ll be leaving Potential VC to start my own venture in the mental health & fitness space. 245 days spent as a VC and it’ll be 134 days since I liquidated my first company, but I’m going again. There are not many 24 year lads from Stoke who get the opportunity...
16 Feb 2016
Mental health & wellbeing
Sanctus Updates
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I’ve been deliberating for over a month now whether or not to write a post about mental health struggles in startups, but I’ve struggled to put together anything coherent. I’ve struggled to come to a conclusion or make any salient points. In fact, I’ve struggled to write anything at all. In this post, I’m not...