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We understand better than most that approaching the mental health conversation within your business can feel scary, daunting and even a little overwhelming. 

Especially as it’ll often only be you, or a couple of you, trying to fly the mental health flag and we know it can feel lonely and isolating.

“What if suddenly everyone’s problems come out?” 

“What if all my workforce leave?”

“Will if no-one engages with the initiatives I bring in?”

These are the questions that we often hear, but have never seen actually happen; particularly when things are done in the right way.

After all, we’ve all got mental health.

Normalising mental health
“Who here’s got mental health then?”

So it’s not such a surprise that everyone wants to engage with mental health in some way – even if they don’t know it yet.

Mental health in the workplace

The thing is, conversations about mental health are happening in every single workplace around the world already, whether a business wants them to or not. 

And, with a general shift in awareness around mental health and wellbeing, more employees than ever want to be able to talk about mental health at work. 

We’re here to help businesses normalise those conversations for their employees.

To bring those conversations out of the shadows, and allow them to happen in the right way.

normalising mental health with Redbull
Helping to bring the mental health conversation to life at Red Bull

Mental health doesn’t have to be a scary, clinical conversation only spoken about in hushed whispers. 

It can be something that is talked about proactively and positively, and in the same breath as performance and growth.

Sounds great, but how can Sanctus help?

Great question. With mental health becoming a hotter topic, there are more and more mental health businesses popping up every day.

So what makes us different?

Everyone at Sanctus has struggled with their mental health in their own way. And, in some cases, some of us have seen some of the worst in mental health support with long waiting times, costly professionals and poor quality support.

But on the flip side, everyone at Sanctus has also proactively worked on their mental health.

We’ve seen both sides of the spectrum, been through the wringer with mental health, and also seen the incredible opportunities for growth that it offers; if approached in the right way.

We want to be the brand that flips mental health on its head. Something that makes it more accessible, less clinical, even a little fun and exciting at times. 

making it easy for employees to talk about mental health
We’re making it easy for employees to talk about their mental health at work

We want to dust the cobwebs off of the tired, stale stereotype that mental health has.

We want mental health to be different. 

To be accessible, and to be regulated with high levels of quality, safety and trust.

To be open to everyone, to talk about anything. 

To not only be talked about as the “1 in 4 that will have a mental health issue”, but as “the 4 in 4 who have mental health”.

For people to realise that personal & business performance and growth can be linked with mental health.

Our mission is to open the world’s first mental health gyms on the high street, and to make “mental fitness” a thing. 

Mental health can be fun and fresh.

This is exactly the language and the approach that we use with the businesses we work with, and it’s the reason we’ve worked with thousands of people across dozens of businesses.