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Staying Virtual

I read something the other day and a line from the article has stayed with me:

“Everyone keeps asking; ‘when will this end?’ That, I’m afraid is not the right question, the question is; ‘how do we continue?’”

How do we continue?

I believe we must ask ourselves this in our own lives, in our relationships, where we are living, how we are being. How will we continue to support ourselves to continue like this?

For Sanctus, we have asked ourselves this and have decided that until July 31st we will continue to deliver Sanctus Coaching virtually only.

Our intention here is to give clarity and reassurance to our users, our Partners and our entire team. By delivering Sanctus Coaching virtually we can make our spaces of support available to anyone, anywhere and we know they are desperately needed right now. 

We also know this is a big deal, 2 months ago the majority of Sanctus Coaching was delivered in person, with Virtual being a bit of an add-on and usage was quite low. Now – 100% of sessions are delivered virtually and poeple are experiencing what it is like to be listened to, feel connected and share how they’re feeling on a Zoom call with a Sanctus Coach. 

Our extension to July 31st considers the fact that we don’t know what guidance we’ll receive from the government and that we want everyone to know how we’re going to be coaching for the next few months. 

Beyond July 31st, the truth is that we do not know. We could well extend Virtual only coaching again and it is conceivable that for the entirety of 2020 we could be coaching completely Virtually. We’ll be led by our Partners at this point and do what we can to meet them where they are, whilst maintaining our own safety and integrity in any decisions we make. 

It’ll also be our job, along with our Partners and Coaches to listen to what world we’re going to continue to create together after this. My sense is that many businesses will be looking at their working policies in a new way, or that working from home will become even more common. Things are changing, that is certain and we plan to be alongside our Partners and people who use Sanctus Coaching every step of the way, whatever may come. 

James x