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Sanctus COVID-19 Statement; We’re going virtual

COVID-19 is serious and is having a real world impact on our health, our financial markets and our mental health. 

We believe looking after your mental health is important every single day. That’s our consistent message, global health pandemic or not.

However, in a time when there is increased anxiety, hysteria is rife and we may enter a time where we lack day-to-day human contact; we believe prioritising our mental health is even more necessary and important than ever before.

Sanctus is a business that deeply values human connection and in the last three years, we’ve partnered with businesses to create a safe space for their employees to talk to a Sanctus Coach about their mental health in person and online.

We work with huge multi-national businesses, SMEs and fledgling startups to support the mental health of a global employee base. Last year we delivered over 8,000 Sanctus Sessions, many of which were delivered in the workplace and virtually as well.

Coronavirus has an impact on our business, our partners in the workplace and shines a light on the importance of employee mental health. 

It’s our mission to make mental health accessible to people. It’s ingrained in our DNA to provide an experience with quality and safety at heart and it’s our goal to truly be there for people when they need a safe space to be heard.

That is why, after considering what is safe and responsible, from Monday next week we are delivering all Sanctus Coaching virtually and the Sanctus HQ team will be working virtually too. 

COVID-19 affects the safety of the service we offer and the people we want to reach are likely to be working remotely. It’s having a real impact on people’s mental health and we believe now is a time when connection, sharing how we feel and supporting one another is more important than ever before. 

That’s why we’re protecting the safety of our team, our partners and individuals and we’re making Sanctus Coaching accessible wherever people are.

Here’s the message we sent to our entire company on Thursday afternoon.