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Sanctus welcomes new Chief Coaching Officer

Hey! I’m Nathalie. I’ve joined Sanctus as Chief Coaching Officer.

I’ll be supporting our coaching practice, operations, and partner teams to build and shape our brilliant community of Coaches to deliver the best possible experience to our clients and their employees. 

So, why Sanctus? To quote one of Montaigne’s most famous sentences:

“Parce que c’était lui, parce que c’était moi.”

Because it was it, because it was I. 

Sometimes things are just so obvious you can’t believe they are happening. I felt that level of synchronicity during the process of joining Sanctus. As a coach, I love and strongly believe in synchronicity.

I’ve been a coach for almost 14 years now. I came to coaching from the business world. As you may or may not know, coaching is very diverse in terms of background professions.

Among our Sanctus Coaches we have GPs, therapists, musicians, project managers, communication directors, and many more. I was a sales and marketing exec before being trained and certified as a coach.

We all come to coaching for a reason, or several. These were mine:

First, there were so many projects in my tech environment which were failing. Not because of tech, but linked to “human” dynamics: lack of communication, self-confidence, trust, and an abundance of micro-management.

And the opposite was also true: projects were more successful when people were individually and collectively thriving. 

The second reason was more personal. I was competent in key account management, not because of my sales skills, but thanks to my soft skills: relationship / interpersonal skills, call them what you will! 

My third reason was even more personal. After my divorce, I really wanted to find my true self. Which, funnily enough, is at the very heart of Sanctus’ mission. 

And so that is why I’ve joined Sanctus. 

I’m completely aligned with Sanctus’ mission of helping people find their true selves, of helping people navigate the ups and downs in their lives, and providing them with the support to cope and fulfil their potential (despite, or thanks to, these ups and downs).

And Sanctus coaching is this support.

Not only for the people we coach, I might add. From the beginning, Sanctus has developed robust ways for our Coaches to support people in the workplace: supervision, risk training, and various other development tools are just amazing – and very unique in the market.

I joined Sanctus because this is the place to be for me right now. A company which truly aims to democratise coaching at all levels, placing mental health and wellbeing at its core, while empowering people to develop their true self and potential, and ultimately thrive – in their lives, and in their jobs.

I feel I belong here.