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Our Sanctus Coaches spend time in a business opening up an impartial and confidential space for people to talk about anything they’d like.

Whether that’s personal or professional, a challenge or something they’d like to work on, people use Sanctus as a space to share what they typically would not in day-to-day life.

And, it’s a space that people often use to get started working on their mental health, perhaps for the first time.

For us, coaching isn’t just something you do, it’s part of who you are. Our coaches have always been coaches, before they even knew it. They’re curious, intuitive, empathetic and more.

Meet our Sanctus Coaches

We don’t treat people like patients or clients.

Our style of coaching is human, down-to-earth, and focused on people. We’ll bring some of ourselves to the session, rather than hold ourselves back. We’ll never be too directive as we’re there to empower people, not tell them what to do with their lives.

A lot of coaching can be about selling the secret formula to success or “fixing people”.

 We don’t believe anyone is broken and we won’t do the work for people — we’ll create the space and give the support to enable people to show up as their full selves.

Everyone has the answers within themselves to their own challenges and areas for growth. We’re here to help people find those answers.  

Being a Sanctus Coach

We’re making coaching and mental health available to more and more people. Right now, we do that by placing Sanctus Coaches in the workplace.

Sanctus Coaches see a diverse range of individuals who bring all kinds of topics. Nothing is off the table to bring to coaching, from talking about mental health issues, all the way to day-to-day life and performance. 

Some of the Sanctus team

And, when we’re not the right people to provide support, whether that’s because people need a marathon trainer or a therapist, we can use the space to help individuals think through how to get the right support.

Sound good? We’re always looking for new coaches to join our mission.