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Our long-term mission is to create a world where mental health is viewed the same as physical health.

Right now, we’re fulfilling that mission through Sanctus Coaching in the workplace.

But, one day we want to put the world’s first mental health gyms on the high street.

Mental Health Gym
The future mental health gym?

Our belief

Everyone at Sanctus has seen both the very best, and the very worst, sides of the mental health spectrum. 

We’ve been through the wringer and seen what happens when we neglect our mental health and wellbeing. 

On the flip side, we’ve seen what happens when we embrace mental health and proactively work on it.

And so we all believe that we must change the way that people view mental health, to remove the shame and stigma, and to get people excited about working on mental health, not scared of it. 

Some of the team behind the mission

After all, we’ve all got it. What’s there to be scared of?

Currently, mental health is often viewed only in terms of mental health issues, and is seen as a sign that we’re “broken” and need “fixing”.

It shouldn’t be this way.

Mental health issues are an incredibly important part of the mental health conversation, but they aren’t the whole conversation. 

And working on our mental health shouldn’t be a sign that we need fixing, but about us growing as individuals in the ways and areas that we want to grow. 

Resident mental health expert Gracie telling it like is

Just like our physical health, the mental health spectrum is a large one and can range from issues we’re facing to peak performance. 

From feelings of anxiety and depression to happiness and confidence, we’re still talking about mental health.

From arguing with a partner or struggling with stress at work to wanting to become a better boss or public speaker, it all falls under the mental health umbrella. 

We believe that every single one of us can engage with mental health in our own way, wherever we sit on the spectrum. 

Our mission in action

We could all benefit from a non-judgemental space to talk, whether we know it yet or not. 

To put that mission in action, we create safe spaces where people can talk about whatever is happening in their lives. 

Right now, this space takes the form of Sanctus Coaching in the workplace.

Mental health coaching in the workplace
A coaching session in action

But our dream is to create as many spaces as possible where people can connect and talk – from our mental health gyms through to sports teams or event nights.

Watch this space!

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