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Say hello to Ian ?


I’m Ian, one of Sanctus’ brand new Partner Managers. Before I joined Sanctus I read a couple of these blogs and wondered what life Sanctus might be like (it’s great in case you’re wondering) – now I’m officially a part of Sanctus and loving my time here.  

For a long time I was pretty much oblivious when it came to mental health, including my own mental health and wellbeing. As far as I was concerned, life was ‘fine’, I was pretty much ‘fine’ and if I wasn’t feeling fine then I didn’t really want to listen. That all changed one day when my mental health demanded I gave it the attention that it deserved one day, in the form of what would best be described as breaking down. 

It’s far from an uncommon story. Since then I’ve been sitting up and paying attention, and I’ve encountered so many others in the same position – it feels all too frequent. So many of us are now on a journey to better understand and nurture our mental health. I want to do what I can to support people and make a difference to how we think about our mental health, at work and at home. 

Some of us have a favourite tool when it comes to working on our mental health. Mine is most definitely nature. Feeling connected to nature is my most-loved form of therapy, and when I’m not working (or locked down) you’ll find me in a forest, on a mountain or in the sea – probably in Scotland. 

As one of the Partner Managers at Sanctus, I’ll be working directly with our Partners to help them embed Sanctus coaching in their workplace. I want to ensure that Sanctus continues to have positive impact that we’ve already seen it have, helping people feel comfortable talking about their mental health.

I can’t wait to continue my journey with everyone at Sanctus and help to continue making a positive impact on mental health.