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What would you like people to know about you?

I am an American living in London since 2004. I moved here from Los Angeles and people ask me why I would leave. The simple answer is that I fell in love with London after moving here for work.  I love the UK and the people so much that I decided to become an Englishman in 2010 and now have dual nationality. I enjoy travelling and have visited 35 countries and have worked in 22 countries.  

I have MANY interests including running (started retraining in 2020 after a knee injury), photography (mainly being out in nature), hiking and reading. I read about 40 books a year and can talk for ages about books! But one thing about me is I love to talk and connect with people.  

What’s your background (coaching and otherwise)? 

In Los Angeles, I worked for Fox and Sony focusing on launching new divisions for Fox and completing an HR transformation for Sony.  I went into management consulting for 17 years.  On average, I travelled about 150 days per year and my colleagues were amazing. Over the years of being a leader, I realised I was always interested in my employees’ personal development and coaching them on learning to thrive in their lives. 

In 2016, I left consulting to focus on being in London and being a coach. I trained with Animas on Transformational Coaching. I work 1:1 with personal clients as a life and executive coach. I have been with Sanctus since August 2017 and I love it.  Sanctus is amazing and I feel like I am making a difference around mental health. Through December 2019, I have done approximately 1,700 Sanctus sessions.  

I coach in prisons with young men between the ages of 14-21 through Spark Inside. We do a workshop with the prisoners based on Hero’s Journey.  Hero’s journey is when you leave home to get what you want, you face obstacles and conflicts and you ultimately triumph over adversity in order to return to your home as a new person. After the workshop, I do 1:1 coaching with the men in prison and after they get out. The men are amazing.    

I work in the NHS as a therapist one day a week. I am on placement there whilst I complete my MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy.  

I love my coaching and therapy work across a wide range of people.  

What would you like people to know about your coaching?

My coaching style is exploratory including what is going on in your life, who you want to be and what you want from life. I am really focused on understanding what will make you thrive in your life including what is working for you and any barriers that may be stopping you from realising your own potential and purpose. One client told me that it felt like he had been heard like he had never been heard before. It’s a safe space filled with empathy and compassion. We will talk about what you are feeling and thinking in order to deepen your understanding of yourself and how you relate to others. We will always have something to talk about and will always find a topic to explore. I love my job and people feel it when they are in the room with me. Please feel free to come in and explore what is going on for you.