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We know what you’re thinking – “I don’t like the sound of virtual…where’s that cancel button?”

Of course, it’s not quite the same as in-person and we love connecting in real life as much as anyone.

Yet, Sanctus Virtual allows us to connect with people wherever we are in the world and makes talking about your mental health with one of our Sanctus Coaches really easy.

Below is all you need to know about having a Virtual Sanctus Session.

Don’t only take our word for it 🙂

Why should I have a virtual session?

The success and power of coaching lies in the connection between the coach and the coachee. Sure, the medium might be a little different, but it’s still the same two people having the same conversation. 

The conversation that you’ll have, the support that you need, the things that you want to talk about…that won’t change just because you’re over a laptop.

The biggest hurdle is often the first session. It’s still the same Sanctus experience, and we’ve found that once people try it, they love it.  

FAQs, misconceptions and fears

We’re Sanctus Users too and have been where you are.

Feeling a little nervous before a Sanctus Session is so normal and it is when it’s Sanctus Virtual too. As people opening up or sharing during Sanctus Virtual we might be concerned we won’t be met in the same way, or we won’t be able to share how we might normally.

These worries are universal and we’ve had them too, yet there’s a lot of unnecessary fear and misconceptions about connecting with a Sanctus Coach virtually that we know once you move past you can have incredibly powerful and impactful coaching online.

We’ve covered all of the questions and fears you might have here.

Tips & tricks

Want to get the most out of your session? Here’s how.

How it works

With Sanctus Virtual you get all the benefits of in-person Sanctus Coaching delivered over high-quality video calls with one of our qualified Sanctus Coaches.

  • 45-minute one-on-one sessions with a Sanctus Coach ⏰

  • Book sessions direct with Sanctus & connect with your coach easily online via Zoom ?

  • Flexible — access Sanctus Virtual from wherever you are, even if in another time zone ?

  • Control your environment — Virtual allows you to have your session in the environment that feels right for you. Camera on, camera off — your choice ☕️

  • Confidential — nothing is ever fed back to the business, except in extreme and rare scenarios ?

  • Fundamentally about you — bring whatever you want, be that work, family, relationships, goals, celebrations or even just curiosity towards your own mental health ?

  • Sanctus Coaches are experienced, qualified and well supported by us ??

  • Sanctus Coaches meet you where you are, you can have something really specific to work on or mental health could be new to you — we’re about working on mental health like we do our physical health ??‍♂️

Before you have your virtual session, we advise you prep by downloading the Zoom software ahead of time.

Joining a meeting through an internet browser on your laptop or PC? When you join a meeting for the first time using the link, the web browser client that zoom needs to work will automatically download. To ensure a smooth call and to avoid any delays getting in touch with your coach, download the Zoom software ahead of time here

Prefer to use another device? Scroll down on this page to find the link to download the Zoom app for iphone or android.When you’re ready to have your call, click the link found in your confirmation email, reminder email or calendar invite to connect with your coach.

You may be placed in a ‘waiting room’ if they’re finishing up a previous call or getting ready to coach you. Sit tight and your coach will let you in as soon as they are ready. You can find your coaches email in the calendar invite if you’re running into any issues.