You wouldn’t like perfect I The Sanctus Podcast (Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 – Body Image)

We all strive for what we deem to be ‘perfect’ but if you met that ‘perfect’ person, you wouldn’t like them.

For Mental Health Awareness Week, James spoke to Agnieszka Walczuk who, during childhood, developed a strong sense of comfort with food. From then on, an issue with her body image arose that developed throughout the years.

Whilst she came close to adopting a bulimic approach to dealing with her body image issues, her relationship with a relative dealing with anorexia allowed her to see where that route could get her.
After forty two years of battling, Agnieszka is more comfortable with her body that she has ever been.

She sits down with Sanctus head coach, Sophie Miller, and James to see issues that they find are arising around the topic of body image.

If you feel like you may have an issue with body image or know somebody who is, please check out our directory for suggestions of how to get help:

(Click the hyperlink in the blog for the full guide)

To listen to the full conversation:

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