Mental health and … children’s books? ? ❓ I The Sanctus Podcast ?

Mental health and … children’s books ?? ❓

Here’s something you probably weren’t expecting to see on your feed today ?

Recently, one of our Sanctus Coaches, Mark Bisson, brought out a children’s book after finding out his grandson was struggling with his confidence at school ?

This led to the realisation that, with all of the technology they are going to be growing up with, the latest generation (Generation Alpha) are potentially facing a ‘mental health time bomb’ of sorts ⏱️

So Mark decided to create his own children’s book, ‘George: The Cat Who Lost His Confidence’ and, whilst we don’t do promotions on the pod, we had to sit down and chat about the story behind it … as well as hear a little ?

From the The Sanctus Podcast ?️ on “The Kids Who Lost Their Confidence” ?




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