George Bettany

I co-founded Sanctus back in 2016 with my best mate, and business partner, James Routledge. After the closing down of our previous business, Matchchat, we both struggled with our mental health – and that led us to setting up the kind of brand that we wished we could have turned to.

I’ve always been passionate about entrepreneurship and business, and my very first business was a student watch repair brand at University! I also spent some time as entrepreneur-in-residence at Ignite Accelerator, the early-stage startup support and investment group.

At Sanctus, I lead on how we partner with businesses, helping us to drive forward our mission of giving employees a safe space to talk about their mental health. I regularly deliver talks and panels on both Sanctus and my own mental health; probably my highlight was doing it for the first time with James at The Do Lectures.

I also host a podcast, Talking Business, and get featured in the odd article here and there on the Sanctus mission – such as with MonsterTrvst.