George Bell

I’ve been at Sanctus since 2018, back when the team all did a little bit of everything. As the company has grown, I’ve transitioned into leading the marketing strategy and department; being responsible for all our marketing from product to social media.

Before Sanctus I held several marketing roles, always having a passion for promoting and growing brands. It started when I held a dual role at university while in my final year, where I was a Brand Promoter for Spotify, and a Promotions Manager for a nightclub. Not the healthiest of lifestyles, but we went on to win Best Small Club in the country in 2013, so that felt good!

After university, I focused mostly on copywriting and was featured in The Huffington Post, Headspace and the Time to Change charity on the importance of mental health. 

Since joining Sanctus, I regularly share my experiences of mental health and mental health in the workplace, delivering talks at places like Just Eat and Boston Consulting Group, as well as having article features appearing in St James’ Place Entrepreneur ClubMowork and HRDirector.