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What does this new flexible system mean for me?

The new system enables you a great deal more choice.

You now have access to a wider range of Sanctus coaches. We’ve increased the number of coaches available to you for coaching sessions, each with their own unique experience, helping you to find a coach to suit your needs. 

We’ve also introduced a flexible booking system, allowing you to organise your coaching sessions at times that work for you.

Simply select your coach and then find a coaching session on available dates throughout the month.

Will I be able to continue seeing my current coach?

Yes, you will be able to continue seeing your current coach. If you don’t currently have a session booked with your coach, your coach will be available to book as one of the coaches on the booking page when you book a new session. 

Can I see more than one coach?

You can try different coaches available in the new system and are very welcome to try a new coach if you have already tried one. 

However, you can only have sessions booked with one coach at any given time. So, if you’d like to see a new coach, you will need to cancel future coaching sessions with your current coach first. This is also possible through the ‘change coach’ feature on your booking page.

How can I change my coach?

To change your coach you need to do the following:

  1. Go to ‘book a session’ on the top right of the booking portal
  2. Click the ‘change coach’ button at the top right of this page
  3. Confirm you are happy to cancel future sessions with your current coach
  4. Pick a new coach from the list of available coaches

My organisation has run out of credits. Why can’t I see a Sanctus coach?

As with the previous Sanctus model, your organisation purchases a certain amount of sessions each month for you employees to book. It’s possible that Coaching has been really popular at your organisation and there are no credits for sessions available. In this instance, you can join the ‘session waitlist’ by registering your interest anonymously when you try to book a session. This will notify your HR department periodically of the number of employees who have registered interest in more tokens for the month. 

Please note, if there are no session credits available for the current month, you will still be able to book sessions for the following month.

I can’t find a session with my Coach. What can I do?

At times, it’s possible one of our coaches has no availability left for the current month. We try our utmost best to ensure we are offering an equitable spread of sessions across our coach cohort, but sometimes our coaches do get booked up.

In this instance, we’d encourage you to:

  • Look at booking with one of our other coaches. We have an awesome roster of coaches who have all partaken in our extensive training and vetting process. We trust all our coaches are able to support you in what you need. If you need immediate access to coaching, please do feel free to try one of our other coaches
  • If you’d like to see the same coach, please do feel free to book a session with that coach in the following month instead.