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Welcome Amanda!

Hey everyone!

I’m Amanda and I’ve just joined Sanctus as Enterprise Sales Manager. My guess is if you are reading this you’re part of (or are curious about) the Sanctus fellowship and like me are behind the purpose and mission of this great organisation.

I’ve been working in the employee wellbeing space now for 6 years but have always had a deeper interest in mental health. As with most people, this came from my own mental health journey. Through periods of stress at work, bereavement and low self-esteem I found I never talked about it to anyone. That’s what we were told to do, right? It felt awkward, embarrassing, weak. Looking back now, I know if a space like Sanctus was available to me there’s no doubt I could have handled it all differently. 

Mental health is part of us every day, yet it still remains the most stigmatised element of our general health. I really believe companies have the power to lead positive change in this through supporting their employees and creating spaces for mental health discussion and improvement  – be that good or poor mental health.

As much as there has been progress these last few years, there is so much more to do and I am excited to be part of this necessary change. My role will mainly be working with organisations to implement and support them on their mental health strategy with the Sanctus offering. 

I look forward to the months ahead and being part of this change for good.

You can find me on LinkedIn here 🙂