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Tech Lead


Job Title    Tech Lead
Reports to    CEO
Salary    Commensurate with experience of candidate
Location    Remote (home-based) and London HQ



Sanctus is on a mission to change the perception of mental health. We believe working on your mental health should be as accessible as working on your physical health, and our aspiration is to become the destination of choice for everyone to work on their mental health; both businesses and individuals.

We believe product and technology need to play a central role in achieving this whilst, at the same time, ensuring we stay human, which is at the heart of everything we do. 

We’re looking for a developer to join Sanctus who has the values, skills and experience to become our Tech Lead and continue to shape the role itself, our technology and underlying processes inside the Tech team.  You’ll be joining as Sanctus scales which will give exciting opportunities for personal and professional growth.


The role

Sanctus supports thousands of employees in working on their mental health every month through our one-to-one coaching product. We’re also currently testing a number of exciting new consumer-facing products. 

Until now, all of our technology has been built by a single developer. However, with strong growth in our current product and promising signs from our consumer-focused tests, the time has come to invest in expanding our Tech team.

We’re looking for a Tech Lead who can shape, architect and deliver the technology and the team required to support both our current and future products.

You will be taking over and leading that team, working closely with our Product Manager and if you demonstrate the leadership capability you will have the opportunity to potentially grow into the CTO role as the company expands further. This is an exciting, hands-on role suitable for a senior developer or Tech Lead. You will have the opportunity to help shape both the technology inside Sanctus as well as the team behind it.



  • 5+ years experience as a hands-on software developer (or equivalent – please see our Diversity and Inclusion statement below)
  • A strong grasp of Ruby is probably essential given you’ll still be coding until the team grows.
  • Experience in building applications with performance, security and robustness in mind using industry best practices along the way.
  • Demonstrable experience in designing and architecting systems with non-trivial data models.
  • You’ll need to enjoy working in a fast-paced, ever-changing startup environment and thrive collaborating closely as part of an agile product team.
  • You must be passionate about writing clean, reusable code and keeping technical debt to a minimum.
  • Experience managing, leading or mentoring other engineers is desirable.



  • Over the next 18 months, you will be responsible for hiring, leading and mentoring a small team of experienced engineers.
  • You’ll still be hands-on coding in the early days before taking on more architecture and mentoring as the team expands.
  • You’ll work closely with our Product Manager, and evolving product team, to advise on what’s technically possible and feasible.
  • You’ll be responsible for architecting and shaping the technology and processes to allow your team to innovate and deliver at speed.
  • You’ll need to support your team as it grows, implementing appropriate processes and rituals to help scale from a single-developer team into a team of developers.


The problem space

Our roadmap is fluid and in part, for you to help shape. However, some of the problem areas you might be leading on include:

  • Dealing with increased scale as we launch various B2C projects involving real-time updates and event-driven data models.
  • Rearchitecting the data model to allow for a more flexible booking model whilst still supporting our current core business model.
  • Improving the accessibility and usability of data and metrics around the business to help support other business functions.


Our tech stack

  • Our tech stack is a single Ruby on Rails application with PostgreSQL on the backend and HTML, CSS and JS on the frontend. 
  • JS is mostly layered on using UJS and Stimulus with a handful of React components where it makes sense as well as increased use of Hotwire.
  • The application is hosted on Heroku with CI/CD via Codeship.
  • The codebase has extensive test coverage at both the unit and system level.
  • We’ve recently launched our own booking system to replace a third-party tool we were using. We now have in-house control over all major pieces of tech in the estate.


Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse teams bring a diversity of thinking, experience and perspective, something we truly value at Sanctus. Whether that be diversity of age, disability, sex, gender, sexuality, race or religion, we’re striving to create an environment where everyone is treated fairly and anybody can thrive. 

While we know we still have work to do on this, we’re working to create and nurture an inclusive working environment. An important part of this is ensuring diversity of applicants to new roles, and you can read more about our approach here:


Life at Sanctus:

We’re currently a team of 20 at HQ, alongside 40 contracted Sanctus Coaches and we have an incredible community of partners, made up of some of the most forward-thinking businesses in the world.

Our home is in Shoreditch, London, but we’re working fully virtually due to Covid-19.
We are in the design process of what a Remote First business may look like so are open to applicants from across the UK and Europe with the only commitment needed at the moment to be willing and able to travel to meet and work together, likely for a week a month.

We have a very open and receptive culture towards mental health and you might find us talking about the meaning of life or the use of psychedelics in therapy over lunch.

Some of the other benefits we offer:

  • 25 days + 2 weeks compulsory at Christmas
  • 1-1 Coaching to support your wellbeing and personal and professional development
  • Therapy budget
  • A relaxed approach to working hours and taking appointments in the day etc.
  • Regular socials that don’t just mean drinking – but we do like to go to the pub too.


How to Apply

Send your CV and covering letter about why you want to apply for the role to


Submission deadline: 7th May 2021