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Chief Practice Officer



Job Title    Chief Practice Officer (CPO)
Reports to    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Salary    Commensurate with experience of candidate
Location    Remote (home-based) and London HQ
Contract    Full-time


At Sanctus we’re on a mission to change the perception of mental health and to make working on your mental health as accessible as working on your physical health.

We believe everyone should have access to a safe space like Sanctus at work and to be supported wherever they are at on their mental health journey. 

Sanctus was founded in 2016 and over the last 5 years we have focused entirely on improving mental health in the workplace working with the fastest growing startups in the UK like Onfido and carwow, big brands like Red Bull and the Just Eat and huge enterprise partners like Boston Consulting Group and Ashfield Healthcare.

Our customers are our partners and through our partnerships we make Sanctus accessible to people at work.

Right now, up to 1,000 people can book a Sanctus session at work every month and over the next 5 years our ambition is for 1000’s more people to have access to Sanctus at work. 

In order to do that, our goal is to partner with businesses of all shapes and sizes in the UK and to become the mental health partner for organisations.

The Chief Practice Officer role is a cornerstone of our vision for Sanctus. The Chief Practice Officer oversees the entire coaching team in the organisation and is therefore a key leadership position.

The CPO role, and the various functions that report into it, needs to encompass a number of important aspects for Sanctus to scale in a sustainable way:

  1. Governance and risk management;
  2. Learning and education;
  3. Product development; and
  4. Operational oversight for the coaching community 

At the current stage of the company some of this functional expertise will be held by, possibly one person, whilst over time, expertise to cover and develop each of these will be required.


The role

At Sanctus, our aim is to make high-quality mental health support more accessible to individuals and organisations. We believe that high-quality support is based on some fundamental principles about human beings and how they live in the world. This is our mental health philosophy and we use it to guide us in how we coach, how we work and making choices about the future. To ensure that our approach is consistent and well-understood, we are establishing a Practice function at Sanctus. The Practice function at Sanctus will hold and apply our mental health philosophy in all areas of the business, providing coherence across the whole of Sanctus, from the coaching we provide to partners to content we publish online.

As the CPO, you will be leading this function in defining one of the world’s leading brands in the mental health space, establishing the standards for what good coaching and mental health practice looks like and will play an instrumental role in helping us achieve the goal of taking Sanctus into homes and workplaces throughout the UK and across the world.

As the CPO at Sanctus you will be responsible for:

Vision and Strategy

  • To establish a vision for mental health support, leading the company in articulating Sanctus’ mental health philosophy
  • Challenging the leadership team and co-creating our broader market strategy, embodying the coaching approach we want all workplaces to exhibit
  • To build and manage a Coaching Practice function that collaborates with all areas of the business establishing internal training, development and hiring in accordance with this philosophy and the relevant mental health skills, knowledge and practices
  • To support the business in developing a structure for the maintenance and development of best, ethical and safe practice across all Sanctus practitioners
  • To support the function in developing a strategy for the communication of Sanctus’ mental health philosophy to other mental health practitioners, organisations and institutes
  • Establishing a plan and building our future Sanctus Coaching Academy


Learning and development

  • To assess in an ongoing way the developmental needs of the organisation and its areas from a Practice perspective
  • To embed mental health-related skills, knowledge and practices across the Sanctus employee base, management team, Board and coaching cohort
  • To design, deliver or otherwise facilitate the necessary education and training to facilitate the progress of Sanctus, its teams and its individuals towards their practice-specific goals
  • To arrange for external support, design and delivery where appropriate


Product development

  • To collaborate with the organisation (most notably Sales, Partner, Coaching Ops teams and current practitioners) to create, develop and review the interventions Sanctus offers from a Practice-perspective
  • To organise resources for the testing and delivery of new interventions, 
  • Establishing a robust methodology for Sanctus based products that meet clients at home as well as through their employers


Quality assurance, ethics and safety

  • To establish and hold governance control over interventions from a quality, ethical and safety perspective
  • To exercise veto power on any interventions which do not meet required standards in line with best practice, research and our mental health philosophy
  • To support diversity 
  • To be accountable for the handling of practice-based risk across the organisation
  • To organise processes to review and make final decisions in cases of unethical conduct by practitioners


Leadership and management

  • Maintain and build trusted relationships across all stakeholders, including Board, leadership team and coaching community
  • Spokesperson for the Sanctus approach to mental health philosophy, communicating our mental health philosophy to the public and its implications for interventions and organisational life ensuring it is integrated into Sanctus’ brand and identity
  • Working across cross-functional collaborative teams, demonstrating the necessary level of leadership skills that helps the entire organisation be high performing 
  • To provide expertise on mental health skills, knowledge, and practices to the organisation
  • Oversight and budgetary responsibility for our highly experienced coaches, including all internal and external employees/contractors
  • Leadership of the Coaching Team including:
    • Management of a team with a mixture of employees and contractors
    • Acting as second line of defence for ethical, clinical and reputational risks to the organisation
    • Maintaining the highest standards of mental health practice

A bit about You 

We’re looking for someone who is extremely passionate not only about our mission, but also about building a unique and sustainable approach to mental health across the globe. We are looking for a CPO who has the technical, professional and practice led experience but who can lead and develop an evolving team across all four major areas: operations, practice, governance and learning & development. We’re looking for someone who is creative, innovative and excited about building a fast-growing company that is on a mission to change the world for the better.



  • You must be a fully qualified coach, accredited with a reputable governing body, e.g. ICF, EMCC coach, or a fully qualified therapist, registered UKCP or BACP
  • At least 5 years of client-facing experience since qualification
  • A strong understanding of the different spheres of mental health intervention, particularly coaching and psychotherapy
  • Experience of work in organisational development, executive (leadership) coaching, team development is favourable
  • Clinical experience of working with issues of risk and diversity is highly advantageous
  • Experience of designing/delivering training is advantageous
  • A combination of commercial experience, ideally in a start-up / growth stage business, balanced with experience of coaching is critical to enable the CPO to bridge both the business and coaching demands for the business.
  • Experience of building and leading teams, ideally with sizable employees as well as contractor bases. Bonus point for building and working with remote or distributed teams.
  • Experience of working in a start-up environment, understanding the challenges and opportunities this presents
  • Entrepreneurial, ideally with experience delivering various mental health interventions within multiple consumer facing views
  • Strong business acumen. Someone who has worked in the business world in the past to build high performing, customer focused, products and services that have iterated quickly and the success has been the result of lots of failed experiments along the way
  • Passion and enthusiasm for growth from both a business and personal perspective
  • The ability to challenge us! We want people who can come in and shape the future of this business, not afraid to raise questions and help us improve
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and external presentation skills

Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse teams bring a diversity of thinking, experience and perspective, something we truly value at Sanctus. Whether that be diversity of age, disability, sex, gender, sexuality, race or religion, we’re striving to create an environment where everyone is treated fairly and anybody can thrive. 

While we know we still have work to do on this, we’re working to create and nurture an inclusive working environment. An important part of this is ensuring diversity of applicants to new roles, and you can read more about our approach here:


Life at Sanctus:

We’re currently a team of 20 at HQ, alongside 40 contracted Sanctus Coaches and we have an incredible community of partners, made up of some of the most forward-thinking businesses in the world.

Our home is in Shoreditch, London, but we’re working fully virtually due to Covid-19.
We are in the design process of what a Remote First business may look like so are open to applicants from across the UK and Europe with the only commitment needed at the moment to be willing and able to travel to meet and work together, likely for a week a month.

We have a very open and receptive culture towards mental health and you might find us talking about the meaning of life or the use of psychedelics in therapy over lunch.

Some of the other benefits we offer:

  • 25 days + 2 weeks compulsory at Christmas
  • 1-1 Coaching to support your wellbeing and personal and professional development
  • Therapy budget
  • A relaxed approach to working hours and taking appointments in the day etc.
  • Regular socials that don’t just mean drinking – but we do like to go to the pub too.


How to Apply

Send the below to

– Your CV

– Written answers to these two questions:

How do you understand the process of change in individuals and organisations?

What do you see as the biggest problem facing the mental health industry and how would you change it?

Submission deadline: 21st May 2021