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Hey from Nicola!

Hi all – Nicola here!

I’m Sanctus’ newest recruit (and only 100% remote worker since Day 1).

Yes yes, it’s weird. I have no idea when I might meet most of my colleagues face-to-face. But, thankfully, they are all super lovely and considerate of this absolute chaos and surreal situation I’ve had to endure while starting a new job.

A bit about me? I’m a Northern girl living in London, I am extremely passionate about mental health and dogs. I also love to crochet – it started as something to aid my recovery from depression but has since become something I do every day.

I am one of the Partner Managers at Sanctus, alongside the lovely Zoe and Samara, with a focus on supporting mid-market/growing businesses.

I actually found out about Sanctus by accident, but once I knew about their values and mission I was thoroughly on board. I decided I wanted to work for them and two days later they put out an ad for the job I was already doing at Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England.

Four months later, here I am!

Having worked at MHFA England for six years, I was already sold into the world of mental health, and more specifically, workplace interventions and support around mental health and wellbeing.

I worked with a number of organisations from a range of sectors throughout my time there, but really focused on the Construction sector, and then more recently, Hospitality.

I have had personal experience of supporting people with poor mental health my whole life, whether it is through friends, or when I met my wife 10 years ago who experiences anxiety.

Last year I was diagnosed with depression myself, and like all good people who work in mental health, I ignored it for too long.

It’s weird knowing exactly what you should do, or that what you’re feeling isn’t right, but managing to convince yourself that you’re not ‘bad’ enough to warrant a GP visit. Thankfully, I was given a talking to and sought help – I’m now well, but aware of my bad days and what to do.

Before I ventured into the world of mental health I was working in retail, pretty much since the age of 15, with a small break somewhere in the middle to do half a teaching degree.

I’d love to see mental health provisions in more retail organisations – some are doing it really well, but others aren’t doing anything and I know from experience how damaging that lack of support can be.

I’m really looking forward to getting started and making a difference!