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What would you like people to know about you?

Bonjour! Christelle here. 

Someone said that you can’t remember when you started doing something you truly love. I must really love coaching then as it seems to have always been in my life, one way or another. I would even say that I didn’t choose coaching, rather it chose me. I was born into a family of sports coaches and became a gymnastics coach myself when I stopped competing. 

Some years later, it felt like a natural progression to learn to apply coaching to all other aspects of life too. Here I am. 

When I’m not busy taxi driving the 2 wonderful teenagers I have the pleasure (well, most of the time) of accompanying through life, you might find me on a tennis court, on a yoga mat, cycling through woods or in schools/local communities promoting more sustainable ways of living one plastic bottle at a time… 

One of my mantras is to ‘Invest in memories’ so a lot of my time and energy is spent travelling and feeding my curious mind with adventures (big and small), connecting with people, cultures and nature, ideally all at the same time. 

I can’t wait to share many wonderful moments with you!

What’s your background? (Coaching and otherwise)

Having spent over 10 years training, reading, practising with any willing living soul, I traded a life in the corporate world spreading almost 2 decades during which I worked in different industries, different functions/languages and in different capacities, for a new adventure by setting up my own coaching & consulting practice. I’m glad to say I am ‘3rd-time career’ lucky! 

Since then, I’ve spent my time exploring my ever-evolving ‘voice’ as a coach and as a leader. This has led me to complete coaching training and leadership training with CTI, embrace systemic coaching, harness the power of constellations, run leadership development for young people, become an ICF accredited coach and explore how to tap into our incredible (often underutilised) body wisdom through somatic facilitation work. 

As a self-confessed learning/course junky (still working on my boundaries here), I’m currently taking some Alexander Technique lessons to learn how to walk again (literally), delving into the world of neuroscience to understand how change happens in the human brain and building up to a silent retreat — anyone who knows me, gets that the later will be quite a challenge…

I love all things immersive, experiential, sensorial especially if it involves food or art and hoping to make a coaching dream come true around this some day. For now, when coaching, I lean into a deep-seated belief that by experiencing the links between body and the mind more consciously, we build stronger connections to ourselves/our inner world, others, our environment and the world around us.