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What would you like people to know about your coaching?

My priority is to establish a safe and confidential space, where you can bring whichever topic you wish to explore. Please know there is no right or wrong topic; corporate or non-corporate. You may wish to vent about a person that is pushing your buttons, explore lack of motivation or confidence, express anger or concern about a situation, cry about an injustice, explore why the world is the way it is, or celebrate an achievement or love for life! 

I will never judge you or tell you what to do. On the contrary, I will do everything in my ability to help you unearth your own answers, to find clarity, and achieve whatever it is that you would like to from any coaching session. I achieve this by working with all of you, through conscious and not so conscious material, such as, thoughts, narratives, beliefs, and feelings. I may also work with the language of your unconscious, such as through, random and arising memories, images, sensations, body posture, and gestures. Some studies have found “we are conscious of only about 5% of our cognitive activity, so most of our decisions, actions, emotions, and behaviour depends on the 95 per cent of brain activity that goes beyond our conscious awareness”

What’s your background?

I was born and raised in Australia, and moved to Colombia with my parents when I was 15. This triggered a massive culture shock, but I was also able to polish my Spanish, and develop a love for identifying a culture’s hidden unwritten rules and idiosyncracies. 

I moved back to Sydney aged 20, without my parents, and discovered the joy yet trials and tribulations of repatriation, and developing my life and identity on my own terms. It was here that I embarked on my 17-year advertising industry career. I initially assisted, and then later bought, developed strategy, and managed traditional and digital media campaigns for a wide range of clients, such as, Universal Pictures, Dell, General Motors, Bvlgari and more. 

In 2004, I decided to move to London, where my advertising career continued, and I began to sell digital media instead. I developed online advertising campaigns and pitched these to advertising agencies, such as, Mediacom, Starcom, and Mindshare, across brands such as, Friends Reunited, Bebo, Facebook, You Tube, Amazon, Multimap, Square Meal and others.  

My advertising career culminated in the founding of my own digital media sales representation company, whereby I represented media networks, such as Tone Media and Venatus Media.  Due to the birth of automation and the destruction of selling directly to people, I lost my love for sales and made the decision to close the company and explore other options.  

What would you like people to know about you that’s nothing to do with your coaching?

I decided to attend university at age 42 and achieved a first-class BSc (Hons) Counselling last year. I never used to read! Now I can’t stop and have developed an insatiable thirst for learning. Oh also, my dissertation was about Bullying in the Workplace. Group dynamics are interesting.