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A changing world of work: the stats you need to know for 2022. Download Stats Pack


Get quality mental health support at work

Our unique 1-2-1 coaching helps employees navigate life’s ups and downs.

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Supporting employees across all stages of their life journey.

Whether it’s a personal or professional challenge, a problem or a goal, 1-2-1 sessions with a qualified Sanctus Coach offer a confidential space and much needed time out from the day-to-day to reflect, get “unstuck”, work through worries, develop healthier approaches and gain new tools and perspectives that allow us to be the best versions of ourselves – both in and out of the workplace.

Our sessions empower people to proactively work on their mental health and wellbeing and provide them with the support we all need to navigate life’s everyday challenges.

Coaching with heart: Our unique approach

Sanctus Coaching has a unique flavour: straddling the line between therapy and coaching, and offering our clients a safe space to explore their whole selves.

Since we all have days when we drag ourselves out of bed, and other days when we conquer our inbox, our coaches adjust their style to meet people where they are at – whether it’s a more therapeutic, nurturing approach, or a more goal-oriented, coaching approach.

2022 STATS PACK: A changing world of work

Record resignations and plummeting levels of employee engagement, satisfaction and happiness are fueling a growing crisis in the workplace. But what is behind all of this? We unpack the challenge (and opportunity) for HR & People leaders in 2022 in our bitesize Stats Pack.

Coaching with Impact

We work with thousands of employees every day, supporting them through life’s challenges and guiding them towards a path of greater clarity, resilience and self-fulfillment.

"As always, whatever place you come into a session you always leave clearer. The sessions are invaluable to my life & look forward to them each month."
"Excellent. The session had a huge impact. My confidence, self respect and knowing what I want is all returning. I was a little lost but feeling more like my 'old self' again, which is exactly what I needed."
"It was a very good experience and I appreciate the diversity of topics we can cover based on my needs at the moment of the session. I feel supported and more secure."
"It was a great space to speak openly and honestly and was a great reminder that I'm stronger than I think, even when I think I'm not. "
"My Sanctus coach is a very capable and exceptional coach. I always enjoy and look forward to my sessions with her. "

What you’ll get with Sanctus Coaching

  • 1-2-1 coaching session with a qualified, accredited and vetted Sanctus coach (ICF, AC, EMCC, or BACP registered).
  • 6 x 50-minute coaching sessions available to your employees in a day
  • Dedicated coach(es) who you’ll come to know and love assigned to your organisation
  • All sessions are fully confidential and 100% geared to support and improve employee wellbeing.
  • A launch event to kick things off, plus ongoing content, your own branded booking page and a host of resources to help you spread the word and maintain awareness.
  • Ongoing support, regular check-ins and direct contact with a dedicated Partner Manager.

We've chosen to do things differently.


Sanctus Coaching has a unique flavour: straddling the line between therapy and coaching, and offering our clients a safe space to explore their whole selves. 

Coaching is more than a mystical space to feel good. Studies show impact not just in how people feel internally, relate to others and work through difficulty, but even show improvement on practical aspects of life, such as performance and competencies.

We’re proud of the fact that the Sanctus Coaching model and practice was one of the first, structured and regulated coaching models in the world for the workplace setting and today, still one of the most robust.

Our Coaching Model
Valentina Passoni
Head Coach
Dr. Albert Viljoen
Head Coach
Agnieszka Walczuk
Head Coach
Benjamin Graham
Chief Practice Officer

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would highly recommend a Sanctus session to a friend or colleague


said that working with a Sanctus coach had improved their mental health


felt Sanctus had been deeply integrated into their company culture

Ready to explore how Sanctus Coaching can support your team?

High quality 1-2-1 personal coaching

  • Get the best of both worlds. Sanctus Coaching straddles traditional coaching & therapy.

  • Free up time of Managers & HR. Give employees professional & confidential support.

  • Stand out with your support. Boost your employer brand, engagement and retention.

  • You’ll get a dedicated partner manager and ongoing support throughout our relationship.

"Mental health is now a fundamental responsibility for employers, and it’s as much about care and prevention as it is about treatment and reaction. We felt that Sanctus would be a brilliant service to match this responsibility and to help us achieve our vision for employee mental health support."
Rochelle Ryan
Assoc. Director, People & Experience, VaynerMedia
"Sanctus continues to get rave reviews and I'm pleased to see the extra sessions are being snapped up!"
Jamie Corbridge
Global Talent Director, Just Eat
"Sanctus has a very positive impact on my role, supports our health and mental wellbeing strategy and has helped remove the stigma attached to discussing mental health in the workplace."
Natalie Perryman
Digital Campus & Community Manager, Aviva
"Sanctus has been the most successful partnership Octopus Group has made in 20 years."
Simon Rogerson
Simon Rogerson
CEO & Co-Founder, Octopus Group
"The impact of Sanctus on the wider organisation has been very successful. Our sick days have reduced and it is part of a culture change, as the employee survey has shown that people now view our mental health approach very positively."
Verena Wais
Learning and Development Manager, Mindshare
"Sanctus has had a positive impact on our culture and employee performance and is invaluable support for our employees. It's enabled people to have conversations they never previously thought they would have at work."
Ross Taylor
Founder, Hidden
"More people thank me for Sanctus than for the annual bonus!"
Debby Penton
Managing Director, Wildfire

Want to know more?

Fill out the below and one of the team will be in touch to walk you through how Sanctus can support your business.

To get in touch with the team about being a Sanctus Coach, please visit this page.

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